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Repeated measurements of the same violin can show small variations. Similarly, thickness measurements using a 'Hacklinger' external magnetic gauge may have a small margin of error.

The CT Scan cross-section "slices" images include a centimeter scale. The selected "slices" are in customary arching template positions:

  • Lower bout widest point
  • Lower corner just below the f-holes
  • Middle bout just above the f-holes
  • Upper corners deepest part of curve
  • Upper bout widest point
  • Lengthwise Horizon
  • = 10cm.

Photos by Tucker Densley
CT Scan image preparation by Steven Sirr and John Waddle
Thickness contour maps by Jeffery Loen
Violin specification and thickness measurements by S. Zygmuntowicz
Additional images by S. Zygmuntowicz