Reference Recordings of the 3 Violins

To hear a recording; select a violin and select an excerpt to play. The choice of violin or excerpt can be changed at any time.

Excerpts for each project violin on the Music Player include:

Sebelius Concerto opening excerpt
Bruch Concerto opening excerpt
G major scale, three octaves

Played by Aaron Boyd, December 4th, 2007 at the American Academy of Arts and Letters, NYC;
Recorded and edited by Da-Hong Seetoo; microphone distance, 28 inches

More Music
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More Music offers additional selections gleaned from various projects;

  1. Plowden Guarneri,
    Meditation from Thais, by Jules Massenet (excerpt), played by Aaron Boyd (Strad3D Sessions)
  2. Willemotte Stradivari; Beethoven Violin Concerto, Rondo Cadenzas 1 and 2 only, cadenzas played and composed by Mela Tenenbaum; ESSAY Records
  3. Willemotte Stradivari; Beethoven Violin Concerto, Rondo, played by Mela Tenenbaum, Richard Kapp conducting the Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra
  4. Titian Stradivari; Lachen Verlernt, by Esa-Pekka Salonen, played by Cho-Liang Lin, live at Summerstage 2002

All excerpts used with Permission

For the Strad3D studies, more repeatable tests were used to generate data. For more about sound testing and spectra, see: Sound Analysis

To add visual reference to the played excerpts here, the jagged "spectra" graphs (superimposed on the violin images above) show the average harmonic content of each complete excerpt.